Theasophie is a collaboration between nature and humanity, individuals and communities, actions and ideas. Our roots penetrate deep into the soils of Yunnan’s tea gardens, cultivated by a multiethnic community of tea farmers, each of whose languages, knowledge systems, and worldviews are what Wade Davis refers to as old growth forests of the mind.

Over nearly two decades, we have nurtured relationships with artists, photographers & poets, ritual specialists & monks, and tea practitioners. Among our scholarly collaborators are regional specialists in agroforestry, ethnography, Theravada Buddhism, and visual anthropology.

Theasophie welcomes individuals and organizations of diverse disciplines who would like to contribute to our efforts in arriving at a deeper understanding of the tea complex. If you have translation, bookmaking, printing & graphic design, or other specialized expertise, or would like to contribute written or multimedia material, we would love to hear from you. Contact us for submission guidelines and to discuss how we might work together.