Welcome to Theasophie! We are located in the Jingmai Mountain village of Mangjing, surrounded by some of the oldest tea gardens in the world. After a decade long campaign, the Jingmai Mountains have been inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Theasophie contributed to several exhibitions in support of that campaign. Now, we are moving forward with the work of ecological and cultural stewardship and sharing this heartland of tea culture with the global community.

The central experience of tea is equanimity, beginning with the tea tree and its ecology. Camellia (Thea) sinensis has evolved a very special relationship with its habitat, serving a vital role as a keystone species, influencing forest structure and composition. Tea is also central to indigenous management of subtropical ecosystems – tea forests, repositories of traditional ecological knowledge (TEK). Our Bulang ethnic community has coevolved with the forests surrounding their village homes for nearly two millennia. And, while there have been significant changes to land practices and lifeways over the last several decades, there is now a sustained effort to revitalize this rich heritage landscape.

We work on the ground in agroforestry ecology, as tea producers & practitioners, and curators of nature & culture. As our tea flows out of these mountains, we sustain vital linkages between tea forests, local communities, and friends around the world. These relationships constitute a ritual continuity come full circle with the contemporary Pu’er revival, returning the global tea trade back to its origins here in the borderlands of southwest China, birthplace of tea.




Craft extends the life of tea
Brewing illuminates the spirit of tea
Appreciation accords tea eternal life