To Our Friends & Family,

Many of you know how long this site has been in coming! It conveys a ‘there and back again’ of the heart, a journey into ancient primary forests to retrieve and to share The Story of Tea. We invite you to spend a moment exploring this site and contemplating the remarkable impact of this one tree, Camellia sinensis, and the role of tea as a transformational substance in the lives of millions of people throughout the world.

The Jingmai Mountains, located at the geographic center of global tea culture, have experienced dramatic changes over the past several decades. Today, newly inscribed into UNESCO World Heritage as a heartland of global tea culture, our diverse heritage landscape comes into sharper relief as a destination for those wishing to journey to the source, to return to original nature.

This site is a way for you to follow Theasophie’s efforts in ecological and cultural stewardship. Currently, we are hosting a for-profit fundraising campaign, a Call-to-Action in support of our efforts to build a home, tea center, and sanctuary space from which to cultivate the relationship between host and guest that is fundamental to tea practice. We have also been given a very special opportunity to acquire a second property and tea estate, which would allow us to scale the scope of our restoration work. Learn more about our vision for The Theasophie Center.

Up until now, we have produced tea at a subsistence scale, just enough to meet our basic needs while participating in the cultural life of the village. Over that time, we have listened deeply to what was being asked of us. Recently, Yimu commented, ‘the elders carry the past, while we assume responsibility for the path ahead.’ For us, that path has always been rooted in sharing our love for these ancient tea gardens and Bulang culture through the perennial substance of the tea leaf.

We can only imagine how this site will continue to grow and evolve in tandem with our work here in Yimu’s ancestral village. A life of tea is a life of service, of gentle hospitality, a relationship between host and guest. We look to our local community and to all of you for guidance as we grow our capacity to serve.

We would like to express our thanks to each of you who has shared in this journey, supporting us along the way as we’ve labored to realize this dream. On behalf of Yimu and I, enjoy our new website! Please share our story with your community. Help us to spread the word about our life of tea here in the Jingmai Mountains.

In gratitude,
Brian & Yimu